Our Story
Project Goals

The main goal of CubeArtisan is to create a cube management tool that doesn't need to be supplemented with any other tool. We want to create a platform that is easy to use most of the time, but also has the most advanced features available to allow analysis and editing of user's cubes to reach a whole new level. We want to create the best possible platform for users to build, playtest, and share their cube.

Moving Forward

CubeArtisan is an ongoing collaborative effort. We have a ton of feature requests, and passionate developers working through to constantly improve the platform. We're have several large, long-term features that are in the pipeline, that we're very excited about. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, and/or Discord to stay up to date on all CubeArtisan updates.

Forking From CubeCobra

CubeArtisan split off from CubeCobra due to creative differences and a desire to focus more on powerful tools and transparency.