Frequently Asked Questions
What do CubeArtisan and CubeCobra provide that other tools do not?

CubeArtisan and CubeCobra offer the most tools catered specifically towards cube construction. The websites are powered by Scryfall, which means that newly spoiled cards will be available to use up to 48 hours after being spoiled. The biggest advantage CubeArtisan has right now is a more modern and maintainable technology stack compared to other tools. This means CubeArtisan is updated frequently and is committed to adding features that the community asks for.

How does CubeArtisan differ from CubeCobra?

CubeCobra offers QR codes for cubes and a patreon integration. It also runs on AWS infrastructure with Elastic Beanstalk. CubeArtisan provides multiplayer drafting, the latest and greatest draftbots available, the latest cube recommender, and more. The site also has numerous infrastructure and techincal changes such as using kubernetes on google cloud to optimize costs and availability to ease development and maintenace. All this is made public on our GitHub and Discord (see the Aboud menu for links).

What tech stack does CubeArtisan use?

CubeArtisan uses NodeJS with MongoDB for server side, and React front end with Bootstrap for CSS.

Is CubeArtisan Open Source?

Yes! Given the goals of CubeArtisan, we've felt the best way to give the community the tool that they want is to make it a collaborative project. For the community, by the community. If you're interested in contributing, feel free to reach out and we will help you get started.

I am not a developer, can I still help improve CubeArtisan?

Yes! Even if you are not a developer, you can still get involved in helping CubeArtisan become a better platform for everyone! If you want to be more involved in the community, join the Discord linked under Contact. You can submit bug reports, make feature requests, and talk to the developers directly there.

I'm having trouble building my cube, where can I go for help?

Head on over to our Discord! You can find the link under our contact page! We have an avid cubing community that would be more than happy to help you build your cube!

How can I put my lands into my guild sections?

From your cube list page, click "Sort", set your primary sort to "Color Identity", and hit "Save as Default Sort". We highly recommend trying out different sorts, as they provide flexible and powerful ways to view your cube.