Filter Syntax Guide


You can combine any number of filters together using AND or OR. Operators are case-insensitive, as are all filtering conditions (TYPE:instant and o:DESTROY will still work, for example).


t:instant OR t:sorceryCards that are either instants or sorceries.
t:instant t:tribalCards that are both instants and tribal.

Text without a filtering condition is treated as a name. You can use quotes to require an exact match.


goblin bloodCards whose names contain both "blood" and "goblin".
"goblin blood"Cards whose names contain exactly "goblin blood".
o:destroy o:target o:creature Cards whose oracle text contains each of "destroy", "target", and "creature".
o:"destroy target creature"Cards whose oracle text contains exactly "destroy target creature".

You can also use parentheses to combine clauses.


t:instant OR (t:creature o:flash)Cards which are instants, or cards which are creatures with flash.
(t:artifact t:creature) OR (-t:creature o:create)Cards which are artifact creatures, or cards that aren't creatures and have "create" in their oracle text.

You can put - before anything to negate it.


-c:w Cards that are not white.
-o:draw Cards which do not have draw in their oracle text.
-t:creature Cards which are not creatures.
-mox Cards whose names do not include "mox".

You can find cards that are a certain color by using c: or color:, and cards with a certain color identity by using ci:, id: or identity:.

Operators supported: :, =, <, '>, <=, >=.

In addition to w, u, b, r, g and c, you can use color words like white, blue, green, etc.

You can also use all shard, wedge, or guild names, like azorius, bant, dimir, etc.

You can also compare by number of colors by using numbers instead of color names.

Color Identity searches will respect any color identity overrides you have set while filtering in your cube.


c=wubrg Cards that are all 5 colors.
c<esper Cards who colors are a subset of Esper (UB, WB, WU, U, B, W, or colorless).
ci:wu Cards whose color identities are exactly white blue.
ci>azoriusCards whose color identities contain white, blue, and at least one other color.
ci>1 Cards with more than 1 color in their identity.

You can search for card types with t: or type:.

Operators supported: :, =.

Search for any part of the typeline, i.e. legendary, or human.

Partial types are allowed.


type=legendary Cards that are legendary.
t:legendary t:creature Cards that are legendary creatures.
t:sha Cards that are shamans, or shapeshifters, spellshapers.

You can use o: or oracle: to search oracle text, and s: or set: to search for a specific set code.

Operators Supported: :, =.

This searches the full oracle text, including reminder text. The set code can be either upper or lower case.


o:"draw a card" Cards whose oracle text contains "draw a card".
o:":" Cards whose oracle text contains ":" (cards with activated abilities).
s:warCards from War of the Spark.

You can use m: or mana: to search for cards with specific mana costs.

Operators Supported: :, =.

You can use plain numbers and letters for the 5 basic colors, snow, colorless, and x, y, and z costs.

For hybrid costs, you can use {} i.e. {2/G}, {R/G}, etc.

For phyrexian mana, use {W/P}.

You can also surround mana costs with if you prefer, i.e. {2}{G}{g} instead of 2GG. Either way is fine.

You can search for cards that require two or more colors with is:gold, and cards that contain hybrid symbols with is:hybrid or Phyrexian mana symbols with is:phyrexian.


m:{r/g}{r/g} Cards that cost two hybrid red/green mana, i.e. Burning Tree Emissary.
m:2ww Cards that cost 2 generic mana, and 2 white mana.
is:goldCards that require two or more colors.
is:hybridCards with one or more hybrid mana symbols.
is:phyrexianCards with one or more Phyrexian mana symbols.

You can use mv: to search for specific mana values.

Operators supported: :, =, <, >, <=, >=.


mv>5 Cards with mana value greater than 5.
mv=3 Cards with mana value of exactly 3.

You can use pow: or power: to search for cards with certain powers.

You can use tou: or toughness: to search for cards with certain toughness.

You can use loy: orloyalty: to search for cards with certain starting loyalty.

Operators supported: :, =, <, >, <=, >=.


pow>7Cards with greater than 7 power.
pow<5 tou<5Cards with both less than 5 power, and less than 5 toughness.
loy:3 or loy:4Cards with a starting loyalty of 3 or 4.

You can use r: or rarity: to search for cards with a specific rarity.

Operators supported: :, =, <, >, <=, >=.


r:commonCommon cards.
r<=uncommonCommon or uncommon cards.
r:common or r:rareCommon or rare cards.

You can use a:, art:, or artist: to search for cards illustrated by a specific artist.


a:"seb mckinnon"All cards illustrated by Seb Mckinnon.
a:rebAll cards illustrated by artists with "reb" in their name.

You can use d:, dev:, or devotion: to search for cards with a given mono-color devotion.

You can also append a color to the query to use numbers instead like dw: or devotiontow:.


d:wwwAll cards with exactly 3 white devotion
devotiontor>2All cards with more than 2 devotion to red.

You can use price:, priceNormal:, priceFoil:, priceEur:, or priceTix: to filter cards by price. When filtering in individual cubes, price: uses the printing specified for the cube. priceEur: uses the nonfoil Card Market prices. priceTix: used MTGO TIX prices.


price>10.5All cards in a cube whose specified printing has a price over $10.50.
priceFoil<10 OR priceNormal<10All cards with a price under $10.

You can use t:, tag:, or tags: to filter cards by tag or tag count when in a cube.


t:SignedAll cards in a cube who have a tag named Signed, case insensitive.
tags=0All cards with no tags.
tags>0All cards with at least one tag.

You can use leg:, legal:, or legality: to filter cards by legality.


leg:ModernAll cards that are legal in Modern.
-leg:StandardAll cards that are not legal in Standard.

You can use layout: to filter cards by layout.


normalA standard Magic card with one face
splitA split-faced card
flipCards that invert vertically with the flip keyword
transformDouble-sided cards that transform
modal_dfcDouble-sided cards that can be played either-side
meldCards with meld parts printed on the backsc
levelerCards with Level Up
sagaSaga-type cards
adventureCards with an Adventure spell part
planarPlane and Phenomenon-type cards
schemeScheme-type cards
vanguardVanguard-type cards
tokenToken cards
double_faced_tokenTokens with another token printed on the back
emblemEmblem cards
augmentCards with Augment
hostHost-type cards
art_seriesArt Series collectable double-faced cards
double_sidedA Magic card with two sides that are unrelated

Additionally, you can use is:dfc, is:mdfc, is:meld, is:transform.

You can use elo: to filter cards by their Elo rating.

Filters for individual cubes:

You can use finish: to filter by cards with the given finish. Available options are "Non-foil" and "Foil".

You can use status: to filter by cards with the given status. Available options are "Not Owned", "Ordered", "Owned", "Premium Owned", and "Proxied".


elo>1500All cards with an Elo rating above 1500.
finish:non-foilAll cards with the non-foil finish selected.
status:"Premium Owned"All cards marked with the "Premium Owned" status.